A legendary substance that heals the mind, body and spirit.

The High Garden Secret

Our handcrafted beechwood bottle top is the first of its kind and at High Garden we are using the highest quality Frankincense extracted from Boswellia Sacra trees in Oman.

High Garden’s signature essential oil helps relax your mind and body from your busy daily schedule.

Frankincense is a strong mood enhancer, and known throughout for its benefits to the skin and oral hygiene.

Why Frankincense?


Mood Enhancer

Frankincense can give you an instant relaxation effect when inhaled directly.

Wound Healing

Place the oil on any burn, scrape or cut to help a speedy recovery!


Frankincense can help clear blockages in the nasal tract and lungs with a single deep breath.

Oral Health

Mix a drop of your oil into your toothpaste for an extra boost!

  • Pam Baker
    I have found the oil an absolute delight. The oil gives off a wonderful aroma, which makes me feel centred every time I inhale it for as long as I can. I use it in the diffuser as well when I have people coming around the house.
    Pam Baker
  • Sam Thompson
    I was looking around for high grade Frankincense and High Garden's is the best for value and quality. I keep it in my pocket as I go about my business and everyone is always wondering about the wooden top!
    Sam Thompson

Relax, Focus, Lift Up