June 11, 2018

Five Amazing Uses of Frankincense Oil (Guest Post by Jane @ Complete Home Spa)

Five Amazing Uses of Frankincense Oil   Frankincense oil is almost usually associated with one of the first gifts given to Jesus by the wise men. […]
September 10, 2017

Essential Oil Taboo?

Really? Essential Oil taboo? Is this an overreaction? Or a reality? We saw a great piece on youtube recently called “Cosmetics, Chemicals and Cancer”, a very […]
July 2, 2017

Breath and Aroma (Essential Oil Smell)

Some of us live without milk, some of us live without cars, but the one thing we all need is the breath. It is there in […]
June 3, 2017

Frankincense – The Mystical Substance

What makes Frankincense a mystical substance? In order to answer this question, we will have to go into history as well as the present day. Jesus […]