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June 3, 2017
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September 10, 2017

Some of us live without milk, some of us live without cars, but the one thing we all need is the breath. It is there in abundance for us, all day everyday – the breath is the intermediary between the external world and the internal body; without it, we would not exist.

When we talk about aroma, we are in the realm of breathing, because aroma and smell are part of the same essence. Are some aromas good for us and some bad for us? Well think of it this way – when you come across a smell you dislike, you tend to pull a funny face and say “EWWW”. Clearly it’s not good for us if we are producing a negative emotion. The same logic applies for a lovely smell – there’s a general satisfaction when we come across a nice smell and it usually produces a “mmmmmmm” of sorts.

It’s clear that smells have a mental/emotion reaction to us but is there a physical effect on the body? Well, essential oil scientists have found that aromas in essential oils contain molecular structures such as monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, but actual studies on humans inhaling essential oils over long periods of time have not taken place. BUT we have seen people respond to inhaling essential oils in much the same way that someone responds to the latest fidget.



What we put in our bellies when we eat food can be applied to aroma and the breath, because if we put bad smells into our bodies it can be detrimental to our health (look at heavy tobacco smokers). “Go and get some fresh air” is a common thing we say to people to get them uplifted. Essential oil inhalation is no different – breathing in an aroma can change your whole feeling. It is incredibly simple and yet massively overlooked in our society. Why?

First of all, the amount of steam/hydro distilled essential oils that are available is shocking. Try googling for essential oil and usually you are giving the option of the cheap oils, whose aroma we stay well away from. There is no freshness to it and the smell pretty much dead because the method of extraction (CO2/Cold Press Method) takes away the aromatic potency that is produced when you use methods by steam.

Secondly, there has not been a culture of appreciating essential oil smells since the early days of the French perfume industry. Essential oils were used to originally create perfumes before synthetic smells were created to make the Eau de Toilette we see today.

“Essential oils can’t cure cancer, don’t buy them, they are fake” is a slogan which we are hearing and seeing a lot of. Nobody here is claiming essential oils are a cure-all medicine but the feeling that is produced when you smell different essential oils is undeniable. That change in emotion can inspire some people to change their well-being. We have seen elderly people like Annie on our instagram photos who have said their the lungs feel more open after inhaling Frankincense essential oil  and they also feel better in the head/mind/brain. The mind-body connection becomes very apparent when you inhale.



The great yogis of the ages always spoke about the importance of the breath – but now we have the opportunity like no time in history to explore all of the world’s breath through the essential oils. It’s clear humans love oils in general; be it crude oil to make petrol or olive oil to cook with, we have an obsession with them. It’s just a matter of time before essential oils make their mark once again.

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    Life is the center of our self. Every breathe is important. I appreciate you for writing this post and also for telling the thruth in life. Essential oils has a great impact in each of our lives. We used it for security. So for that just check out this blog and feel free to ask Nurse Audrey who happens to have great recommendations on

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