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May 13, 2017
Frankincense – The Mystical Substance
June 3, 2017

Breathing is, quite simply, the essence of life. We all breathe all of the time and need to do it in order to do the things we enjoy. The majority of time is spent unconsciously breathing, we are not actually aware that we are breathing and so we are on “auto pilot”. In order to take in more oxygen into the body we have to consciously breathe in deeper. This breathing, also known as inhalation, is what we are encouraging people to do when using our Frankincense essential oil.

We can breathe in via our mouth or nose but its the nose we want to focus on when it comes to essential oils. The nose is well known to be a hot bed for bacteria and the air we breathe has all kinds of germs in it (especially if you live in a city where there is not much greenery). Germs can come from a number of areas;  cars, sneezing, rubbish bins, the list goes on. The monoterpenes in essential oils are full of pharmacological properties – check out the below PubMed article;

How do we breathe in the Frankincense essential oil properly?

Open up the lid and place the bottle near your nose. Now, slowly breathe out a lot a air from your lungs. At the point where you cannot breathe out anymore, place the bottle directly underneath your nose (its OK if it touches) and SLOWLY inhale the aroma. Take your time and keep breathing in through your nose for as long as you can. Don’t rush the process.

When you cannot breathe in anymore, HOLD your breathe. Once you feel the pressure building inside from not breathing, slowly exhale. You can repeat this exercise anytime – when you first wake up, before you go to sleep or as you go about your day.

As we inhale the aroma of the oil, there will be a warming sensation in the head and chest. What is this? The diagram below will help explain.

When you inhale the Frankincense oil, the molecules from the vapour hit neural structures of the brain such as the olfactory bulb which sends certain signals to the brain and a warming sensation is produced. The sense will last around 5-10 seconds. If you can control your breath well, you can inhale for much longer periods of time and get the chance to feel the sensation a bit more intensified.

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