Essential Oil Taboo?

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July 2, 2017
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June 11, 2018

Really? Essential Oil taboo? Is this an overreaction? Or a reality?

We saw a great piece on youtube recently called “Cosmetics, Chemicals and Cancer”, a very thought provoking video about how common products such as lipstick, foundation and deodorant are full of man made chemicals which, when used frequently, can lead to long term damage to the body.

Ever seen the girl who slaps on the make up most days and then one day doesn’t and she looks pale, almost like death? It’s all because of the artificial chemicals she has been applying to her face day after day have ruined her skin!

Now consider how many man made chemical products you have? Hair gel, shaving cream, hair spray, mascara, shampoo, shower gel – the list goes on and on! Given we know the skin is a bit like a sponge, the body absorbs all these chemicals and is forced to flush out all the bad toxins, which puts pressure on your organs like the liver and kidneys. Imagine how much of a dis-service we are doing to our bodies when we apply all these products on our skin day after day, week after week, year after year!

So why is it that we voluntarily pump our bodies with all this badness? It could be price, availability or complete ignorance of the harm that man made chemicals can do to the body over a period of time. Or is it because we are drilled with over dramatized adverts which make digitally enhanced models looks irresistibly gorgeous and are therefore seen as an authority figure when it comes to beauty?

We are not sure, but what is certain is that we are in a world where appearance is far more important than feeling. All the models you see on your screens appear to be beautiful and happy but we have no idea what goes on in their lives. We are sold on a 30 second advert – have our standards really gone that far down the drain?

Now onto essential oils – the lost and wondering substance. It’s so clear that inhaling steam distilled oil is good for you. If you breathe in deeply a perfume aroma, you will most likely pull a funny face and shout out “errr”. There’s a reason for that – it’s simply not good for you! Your body does not want it. It’s clear that the body WANTS Frankincense essential oil because you are rewarded with a warming sensation when you deeply inhale the vapour. You can keep inhaling and your body will not experience a negative feeling simply because there are no man made chemicals added.

So, is there a taboo to using essential oils? Given that the sense of smell is arguably our most powerful sense, it is surprising you don’t see inhalation of oils on a regular basis as we go about our daily lives. It is very common to see people smell their food and gain a satisfaction from it, but rarely do you hear something like, “oh I just smelt this intense essential oil and I felt so energised after it!”.

The truth always tries to find a way to come out one way or another and we believe the same applies to essential oils.

Happy Smelling

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  1. I have always said that the emotional impact from the use of essential oils is more significant than the physical – or chemical effect.
    what can be more natural?

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