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Breathing and Frankincense
May 17, 2017

Essential Oils; What’s really going on?

So we have been asked a lot of questions about Essential Oils and we wanted to clarify a few things;

  1. There are different types of Essential Oils
  2. Essential Oils do NOT provide a miraculous cure to all illnesses and diseases
  3. Reasons why Frankincense is so special

Regarding the first point, Essential Oils are usually made by one of the following ways – Steam/Hydro distillation, Cold Press method and the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction process. There are more, but I will focus on these 3.

Steam/Hydro Distillation – this method is a traditional method that we use here at High Garden and we believe this is the most beneficial way to inhale your Essential Oils. The plant matter/resin is boiled in very hot water and the steam from the mixture rises and hits what is called a “condenser”, which immediately cools the steam down (condenses the steam) and what results is a liquid – the Essential Oil! Its simple and only involves good old H2O.

The CO2 process consists of pumping pressurised carbon dioxide into a container filled with plant matter. This is opposed to the steam distillation method which is just using H2O. We like to keep things simple at High Garden and so wanted to avoid CO2 – we already have enough of this in the world!!

Cold Pressing is a simple technique where you squeeze the plant matter out using a steel press or other devices. This method is useful for the likes of olive oil and argon oil but for not so great when it comes to Frankincense!


Going on to point 2 – There is a lot of literature in the science world about how Essential Oils can cure certain diseases. Here is one example relating to Boswellia Sacra Frankincese;

Frankincense and Breast Cancer

The headline is great but we need to avoid falling into the trap of “Frankincense Essential Oil can cure my breast cancer”. This is wrong and misleading. Essential Oils are great to complement your already existing healthcare regime.

The proof is very simple – inhaling high quality Essential Oils brings about an IMMEDIATE feeling. This is not up for debate! You simply inhale and feel the vapour going into your nostrils, lungs and mind. The effect does not last long but it does produce warmness of sorts – its very hard to describe using words as its a feeling that is produced!


Why Frankincense Essential Oil? First and foremost the aroma of our steam distilled Boswellia Sacra Frankincense inspires intrigue in everyone that has the chance to place their nostrils in its vicinity. This interest in Frankincense has been written down for well over two thousand years – the most notorious place is the Bible. Frankincense was placed in the temples and burnt to further inspire a spiritual mind set, but they could only burn the resin and did not have access to the steam distilled oil!

For us, Frankincense was chosen simply because it ignited the best FEELING when inhaled directly. A warm sensation is produced from the chest upwards and this is simply the vapour entering into the bloodstream. A kind of relaxed/refocus tenderness is produced for about 5-10 seconds and it just takes the edge off from any irritation you may be feeling. That is why Frankincense is so useful for things like hangovers, stress and coughs & colds.

This is the first of hopefully many blogs to come, if you wish to write for us, please let us know!

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