How To Use

How do we Breathe in (Inhale) the Frankincense Essential Oil properly?

Open up the bottle lid and place the top near your nose.

Slowly breathe out a lot a air from your lungs. At the moment where you cannot breathe out anymore, place the bottle directly underneath your nose (its OK if it touches) and SLOWLY inhale the essential oil aroma. Take your time and keep breathing in through your nose for as long as you can.

When you cannot breathe in anymore, HOLD your breathe. Once you feel the pressure building inside from not breathing, slowly exhale. Repeat the steps 5 times to begin with, really take your time.

As we inhale the aroma of the oil, there will be a warming sensation in the head and chest. To read more about why, please see our blog.


By using this method, your oil should last 2-3 months. The intensity of the smell will decrease the more you expose it to the air, so ensure you put the lid back on once you have finished inhaling.